After over a decade of teaching, I’d say a better question is, can writing be learned?

Can writing be taught? The debate rages on, even as classes and workshops and MFA programs proliferate. These days, there are almost as many writing teachers as there are writers. Writers can’t usually make a living on writing alone, so teaching what they know seems like the natural choice for…

And What To Do Instead

Kill your darlings.

William Faulkner (or Ernest Hemingway, or George Orwell, or Oscar Wilde)

Kill your darling, kill your darlings, even when it breaks your egocentric little scribbler’s heart, kill your darlings.

Stephen King

Like many familiar quotations, “Kill your darlings” has long ago lost its meaning, and along with…

Reckoning with a beloved teacher’s complicated legacy

TTruth: This essay is supposed to be about an impossible grief.
Truth: This essay is supposed to be about power.
Lie: This essay is about what it’s supposed to be about.

We’ve all heard famous women defend famous men who have been accused of abuse, of rape, of sexual harassment…

Amy Susanne Robinson

Essayist, poet, writing teacher. Mom. Very good cook. Web: Twitter/IG: @amysmcd

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